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UNSC will not lift sanctions from Taliban [yet]: Russian envoy

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Anadolu Agency, 28 May 2020

Russia’s presidential envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov in an exclusive interview with Turkish Anadolu Agency, with two interesting points:

First, he said that the UN Security Council has not, as planned, voted on lifting sanctions from the Taleban in accordance with the February 2020 US-Taleban agreement on 29 May. He said this “This was supposed to be done by May 29 on condition that the inter-Afghan talks had to start by March 10, but they have not yet been launched.” He also pointed to other obstacles (“the unfinished exchange of prisoners between the parties”, “the absence of a negotiating team from Kabul” and the Taleban’s declared non-recognition” of the Ghani-Abdullah deal) while not directly saying that Russia had been responsible for the delayed vote.

Secondly, Kabulov talked about the “a cool attitude from Kabul both to the deepening of bilateral cooperation [with Russia] and to our initiatives on the track of Afghan national reconciliation.” Anadolu wrote: Kabul supports Moscow’s efforts in words but opposes them in deeds, he said.