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Unbanning the Taliban: Propping up the Afghan regime to boost regional stability, Russia becomes a target for ISIS

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The Insider, 29 April 2024

Analysis by Prof. Artemy M. Kalinovsky, currently at Temple University Philadelphia, on Russia’s possible plan to take the Taleban – banned ion Russia, despite open diplomatic contacts – from its list of terrorist groups, after the alleged ISKP-authored Crocus City Hall attack near Moscow.

Kalinovsky writes:

Cooperation with the Taliban (…) appears to Moscow the only path to preserving stability in Afghanistan and preventing a spillover north [of ISKP from Afghanistan]. This dynamic is all the more true after the Crocus attack. (…) The Taliban, after all, had never threatened Central Asia, let alone Russia itself.

Unbanning the Taleban…

… would make deeper cooperation, particularly on security matters, much easier. Moscow could then scale up intelligence sharing, training, and even supplies of equipment that have become part of the anti-terrorist toolkit — not just arms, but also facial recognition technology and other advanced computing capabilities. (…)

The Kremlin has promised further engagement were the Taliban to fulfill crucial conditions, including creating a government representing different ethnic groups in the country.