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“There is no short way out”: A U.S. Ambassador Reflects on Afghanistan

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The National Interest, 5 December 2018

An interesting perspective on the current situation from the US, including the attempt to get peace talks with the Taleban going, by Ronald Neumann, who was US Ambassador to Afghanistan from 2005 to 2007 and returns regularly to the country but is not a government official anymore but knows enough about how people in government think. It contains some insights worth considering , such as:

The regular army is better, but it is not meeting the expectations I had last year.

… reforming the Ministry of the Interior has not worked; the police remain by all accounts a weak and corrupt force.

It is worth remembering that the Afghans are now doing most of the fighting and dying.

There are still efforts at reform. (…) However, it is important to understand that this work is a matter of slowly and continuously taking small steps of reform against many strong elements of resistance. (…) The effort could be set back or destroyed [by] the political deal making [around] the [upcoming presidential] election (a recurrent theme).


No one denies that security is getting worse (well…). (…) Every Afghan I met told me that security is declining.