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The U.S. Is Leaving Afghanistan? Tell That to the Contractors.

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New York Magazine, May 2021

While the US and other troops are leaving Afghanistan on the basis of a US-Taleban agreement that also covers contractors, at least some companies deploying contractors to the country seem to continue operating and even expecting to remain in the country, as they are “under private payroll.” For instance, the report say, “both the U.S. Agency for International Development and the State Department are retaining contractors for ongoing programs outside Kabul, despite the withdrawal.” Furthermore, “senior Afghan military officials have confirmed” that Bagram base “will be the remaining hub for contractors. (…) Other contractors (…) will be based outside the country ‘but visit from time to time,’ in line with the Pentagon’s plans for ‘over-the-horizon’ counterterrorism missions. (…) The U.S. Embassy is most likely to house remaining CIA personnel and contractors…”