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The Taliban’s Fight for Hearts and Minds

Thomas Ruttig < 1 min

Foreign Policy, 12 September 2018

“The militants’ new strategy is to out-govern the U.S.-backed administration in Kabul—and it’s working”, Ashley Jackson who is associated  to the Overseas Development Institute in London reports from Charkh district in Logar which is t”currently governed by the Taliban.”

Locals say there is remarkably little crime. Disputes among neighbors or families are rare, and when they arise, the district governor or judge quickly settles them. A health official regularly monitors clinics to make sure that doctors and nurses are present and that medicines are stocked. Across the district’s schools, government teachers actually show up, and student attendance is high—an anomaly in a state system where absenteeism is rife.

The article also has similar examples from Helmand.