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The Taliban wants to segregate women. So it’s training female doctors.

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Washington Post, 5 November 2022

This reportage gives detail on how the Taleban, based on “‘clear instructions from the top level’ to bring policies in line with the Taliban’s strict interpretation of sharia” (e.g. that female health workers should treat women, while male health workers should treat men), try to train female doctors, at several government-run institutes for nursing, radiology, other health fields that are supported by the ICRC. The proportion of women admitted at those institutes is, according to the article, “at least 46% this semester … a slight increase compared with 2020.”

It also shows how grassroots Taleban limit women’s access to health care: “Fouzia Shafique, senior health adviser for UNICEF in Afghanistan, said the agency is hearing more and more reports, especially in the country’s south and east, of women being told at health facilities that they must arrive with a male guardian to get treatment.”