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The Rawadari Report: Targeted and Extrajudicial Killings Surge Under Taliban Rule

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Hasht-e Sobh, 4 March 2024

In this article, the exiled Afghan online newspaper summarises the latest report by the well-respected human rights organisation Rawadari on the human rights situation in Afghanistan during the year 2023. It says the findings indicate that the human rights situation in Afghanistan “has deteriorated in various dimensions. The report states that targeted killings, mysterious massacres, and extrajudicial revenge attacks against former government employees and their families, protesting women, human rights defenders, and other citizens have widely occurred. Arbitrary and unlawful detentions, torture, mistreatment, and killing of prisoners, enforced disappearances, and the execution of inhumane punishments are among the other issues addressed in this report. (…) According to the report, there has been no progress in restoring lost women’s rights and ensuring their human freedoms during the previous year. Rawadari states that the Taliban have imposed more restrictive measures regarding women’s rights to education, work, and free movement.”

According to the newspaper, Rawadari’s data has been collected and documented with “regular and continuous monitoring of the human rights situation in Afghanistan, gathering evidence and information related to violations of civil and political rights of the residents of the country. Victims, their family members and close associates, eyewitnesses, health center officials and educational institution instructors, human rights defenders, defense lawyers, former government employees, and current judicial and prison authorities are among the most important sources in 28 provinces”. Information obtained has been confirmed by at least three verified sources and then analysed and evaluated within the framework of international human rights standards.

Rawadari also reports that access to information has become more difficult. “The report emphasizes that the Taliban have intensified pressure on victims, their families, and even their associates. Some victims and eyewitnesses of human rights violations have informed Rawadari that the Taliban have threatened them not to share any information with the media and human rights organizations.” Local media and journalists in provinces were threatened, “detained, imprisoned, and tortured due to their coverage of human rights events. (…) Some victims and their associates refrain from speaking out and sharing information with human rights organizations due to fear of the Taliban. Some of these individuals have told Rawadari that they have no hope for justice. Victims of the Taliban’s violent behavior have emphasized that sharing their information does not alleviate their suffering.”