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The Ghost Polls of Afghanistan: Election Day in Afghanistan’s hinterlands

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Harper's Magazine (blog), 7 April 2014

Repiortage from Matt Aikins and Anand Gopal's courageous E-Day trip into Wardak. "At the far limit of Afghan government control", they found a ghost polling station, at the village school of Ambu Khak, protected by a "US-backed" militia. 

"A supervisor of the Wardak branch of an independent election-monitoring organization told us, though, that his team had either been unable to visit many polling centers because of security concerns, or had found them empty, indicating that the ballot boxes had been moved elsewhere to be stuffed. In Chak and the neighboring district of Jaghatu, over which the government also exercised little control, he said, only eight of thirty-five polling centers were functioning on election day. … 

The few relatively secure polling centers along Highway 1, which connects Kandahar and Kabul, saw low voter turnout, with some centers reporting as few as thirty votes by day’s end. 'The Taliban have been sending out night letters and threatening the people not to vote'”.


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