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The Betrayal: America’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan 

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The Atlantic, 31 January 2022

A long but worthy read by award-winning George Packer, for example on the slow, too late, bureaucratically garbled US evacuation of Afghan allies:

… the president’s political advisers worried that the right would hammer Biden for resettling thousands of Muslims while historic numbers of Central American refugees were already overrunning the southern border. The Afghan evacuees would become part of one giant immigration disaster, exploited hourly on Fox News, when the administration still had to pass a trillion-dollar infrastructure bill.

It was mainly because of “optics.”

Mass evacuations would evoke images of one of the most vivid humiliations in the history of U.S. foreign policy, and those images would conjure an impression of chaos and defeat. It would make the reality all too clear: America had lost another war.