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Recommended Reading – May 2013

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This is what happens when you ban male press from a female rock fest in Afghanistan
The Gender Report, 29 May 2013
Last month, in Kabul’s Lycee Esteqlal the country’s largest ever female rock festival was held. Male journalists were excluded, and since almost none of the major international news outlets in the country employ Afghan female journalusts (2,500 of the 11,000 colleagues in the countyr), the event remained largely uncovered.

Youth addiction grows parallel with drug production in Afghanistan
Khaama news agency (Kabul), 29 May 2013
Growing addiction, growing crime to acquire money for drug purchases … the whole vicious circle already known from Iran, Pakistan, Central Asia…

‘Awareness will improve women’s rights’
Deutsche Welle (online), 28 May 2013
Interview with AIHRC chair Sima Samar on the situation of women’s rights in Afghanistan.

Turncoats: How the Taliban Undermines and Infiltrates the Afghan Local Police
Wired (blog), 23 May 2013
Interesting reportage about the practicalities a US military unit faces with ALP units in Zhari district: ‘An ALP station in the district was found to be selling ammunition to the insurgents. Another was manufacturing IED components and turning them in to American troops, hoping for rewards of fuel and supplies. ALP radio chatter, intercepted by U.S. forces, indicated that many of the local cops were courting both sides’, the Taleban and the US forces. And how the unit was led into an ambush, by an ALP commander.

The Afghan girl’s cry for help
Waslat (blog), 19 May 2013
The Afghan journalist and blogger describes how societal pressures and psychologic scars deriving from decades-long insecurity contribute to explain the mysterious instances of schoolgirls sickness in various parts of the country.

Do Drones Work?
The American Prospect, 15 May 2013
On the basis of recent analyses, Joshua Foust reflects on the long-term effects of the US drones strategy in fighting terrorism and defining the image of the US worldwide.

Afghan Commandos Step Up Their Combat Role
New York Times, 14 May 2013
Some ‘dirty secrets’ about US and Afghan special forces, revealed in a report from a ‘secret base’ base under the condition ‘that its location and the Special Operations units operating here would not be disclosed’.

Taleban Deny Plan To Attack Helmand Dam
IWPR, 13 May 2013
The Taleban have denied massing forces for an attack on the Kajaki hydroelectric scheme in the southern Helmand province, at a time when responsibility for construction work and security is shifting from American to Afghan control.

PMLN, PTI are neck and neck
Herald (Pakistan), 8 May 2013
A last-munite read: detailed poll by Pakistan’s monthly magazine, national and provinces level

Op-Ed: Pakistan’s Tyrannical Majority
New York Times, 11 May 2013
‘For the first time in 66 years, a democratically elected administration has completed its term. Given Pakistan’s tumultuous past, this is an impressive achievement, but it should not prevent citizens from asking the candidates vying for their votes: what kind of Pakistan have you made?’ A look at Pakistan’s (anti-)minority politics.

Isaf came to drop bombs: weapons releases up 32%
People’s Republic of Snarkestan (blog), 7 May 2013
In his usual snarky, but to-the-point way: a look at ISAF’s latest statistics: more bombs on Afghanistan

U.S. turns over troubled dam project to Afghanistan
Los Angeles Times, 4 May 2013
After struggling for more than a decade to upgrade the Kajaki dam that saw heavy American losses in fighting with the Taliban, the United States is handing over the project to the Afghan state. US officials in Kabul say the state-run utility, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat, known as DABS, will finish work at Kajaki by the end of 2017…

The Afghan Bag Man
Foreign Policy, 4 May 2013
Sarah Chayes looks at background to the recent CIA payment story to the Afghan presidential office, President Karzai’s moves to close down special anti-corruption institutions and Gen Petraeus’ – then US and ISAF commander in Afghanistan, than CIA chief for a while – blocked investigations.

Afghanistan Is Not Ready to Take Over
The Atlantic, 3 May 2013
The article analyses the SIGAR’d last report about the ANSF – result: the ANSF is shrinking, and US reports about progress are exaggerated. ‘