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Police And Militia Corruption Aids Taliban In [Faryab]

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Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 19 January 2016

Another case study on a recurrent but worrying theme:

On paper, nearly 30,000 policemen and pro-government militiamen are tasked with protecting the province of Faryab from Taliban fighters, whose robust summer offensive threatened to claim the strategic area on Turkmenistan’s border.

In reality, few of the policemen and militia members are committed, or even available, to protect Faryab. Some are in fact illegally selling government supplied arms to the insurgents. Local security sources say the number of policemen and militiamen has been vastly exaggerated so that local strongmen and officials can pocket government money.

A security source says that, of the 6,000 Afghan National Police members in Faryab paid by the national exchequer, only 3,000 can actually be accounted for. The rest are “ghosts” — meaning that they exist only on the government payroll. (…)