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Pentagon plans for expected Trump order to pull thousands more troops from Afghanistan

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Washington Post, 27 May 2020

Not so much that there is also a scenario of larger than agreed (with the Taleban) or even full US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan is the news in this report, but how the US forces have already prepared for a full or nearly full withdrawal:

Last year, Miller directed his top officer overseeing Special Operations, Maj. Gen. Christopher Donahue, to form a network of U.S. forces that could carry out counterterrorism missions and partner with Afghan forces to collect intelligence if only a few thousands troops or less remained in the country.

The network, built around what U.S. military officials called “regional targeting teams,” has been operating for months and can be adjusted if more troops are withdrawn, a senior U.S. military official told The Washington Post during a briefing in Afghanistan in February.

Even if Trump directed the military to withdraw all of its troops immediately, it would likely take a few months to do so, the former senior defense official said.