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‘Nothing compensates for the stolen years’: the Afghan women rebuilding shattered dreams in Iran

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The Guardian, 4 July 2024

Stefanie Glinski’s reportage from Iran about Afghan women going to Iran to study, saying that more than 40,000 Afghan students – most of them women – were now studying at university in Iran, according to the country’s deputy science minister for international affairs. At the same time, more than 600,000 Afghan children are enrolled in schools across the country, according to the Norwegian Refugee Council. Based on a 2015 government decree, says, they can enrol in Iranian public schools regardless of their legal status.

“Since the Taliban came to power, the number of Afghan students has increased,” Iran’s ambassador to Germany, Mahmoud Farazandeh, tells the Guardian. “The issue of education, especially of women, is of great importance. The doors of Iranian universities are open to Afghan women and girls who have been deprived of education,” he says.

She also reports that “many Iranians have voiced concerns over growing numbers of Afghans entering the country, with Afghans repeatedly reporting discriminatory and derogatory behaviour towards them” and “reports of pushbacks at the border.”