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New Opposition Alliance Underway

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Outlook Afghanistan (Kabul), 24 June 2011
The newspaper that is close to Hezb-e Wahdat of Ustad Mohaqqeq reports that during a meeting on 23 June in Kabul ‘three strong political parties decided to form a new opposition alliance: Jamiate-e Islami, People’s Unity Party of Afghanisatn (Wahdat) led by Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq and National Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Junbish) founded by Gen. Abdur Rashid Dostum’. It is to be officially launched in a week’s time. ‘The alliance is going to challenge President Karzai’s ongoing peace talks with Taliban, demanding parliamentary Democracy and emphasize the decentralization of power before the withdrawal of International Coalition Forces from Afghanistan in 2014. It is not yet known the connection of this alliance with the already active opposition led by Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Amrullah Saleh.’


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