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National Ulema Council Seeks More Executive Power

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ToloNews, 24 November 2012
The Ulema Council of Afghanistan is seeking more authority via the establishment of a new Dar al-Ifta – a scholarly institute with the authority to issue binding decrees concerning Islamic law or ‘fatwas’. The council discussed their demand with President Hamid Karzai on Friday during a meeting requested by the president at his palace in Kabul. The head of the Ulema Council Mawlawi Qiamuddin Kashaf said there were a few caveats, including the abolishment of the national Ulema Council and the current Dar al-Ifta within Afghanistan’s Supreme Court. ‘[The new] Dar al-Ifta should bear executive competency, otherwise founding it will be an act of mocking Islam,’ he said at the meeting. ‘When a Dar al-Ifta issues a fatwa, the fatwa should be enforced by juristic institutions and the national police. I am 100 percent against it if it does not have these conditions,’ he added.


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