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Karzai Speaks on Afghan Political Tensions, Relations with West

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Voice of America, 16 July 2014

Another ‘farewell’ interview of President Hamed Karzai, with some remarkable statements: regretting some of his statements in an earlier BBC interview; speaking i favour of a natipnal unity government but against “an arrangement of a sort of coalition of political parties”; saying that the “change of system from presidential to parliamentary … is something that can be done” by a Loya Jirga. He says he “did not welcome” a role of the international communities and the US involvement but “simply accepted it as a bitter pill at this time in our life” because Dr. Abdullah “did not want any Afghan institutions” working on what he calls “hiccups of election time”. He also says “I changed the Afghan election law to one that that is now entirely Afghan run and Afghan owned.”

On his future role: “I would stand firmly behind the next president. If ever the next Afghan president or the government asks for advice, I will humbly come and provide that advice. I will be trying my best to be a factor of help and assistance and stability, and if the Afghan people would need my services as a citizen of this country, as a fellow citizen of this country, that would be there but I will be not at all involved in the issues of government.”

And he makes us look to his next interview: Asked whether if he could “go back in time, and change one thing. What would that be?”, he answered: “I have an answer for that. But I will not give that answer now because I am still the president of this country. And I need to be a very cautious with my words and my feelings. But I would do something if I were to begin again. There would be a massive change. And that I will tell you after I am no longer president.”