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Karzai and the Taliban in a Tizzy Over News of Secret Peace Talks

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The Daily Beast, 10 January 2012
Sami Yousafzai and Ron Moreau contribute another of their usually very enlightening reports, after talking to a ‘former Taleban diplomat’ (guess who) in Kabul and an active Taleban commander who provides some interesting thoughts and info: that the Taleban negotiators ‘care about only one issue: winning the release of some or most of their detained comrades’ and that Karzai seeks control over Bagram prison suddenly now exactly because of this – it would give him ‘a very good bargaining chip’ in the talks that are heating up; that many Taleban field commanders ‘were stunned’ by the news of talks and think ‘their leadership “was committing religious suicide”’, and that ‘there’s a fear out there that 50 percent of the fighters may not return to the battlefield next spring after hearing the news of the talks.’


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