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In Afghanistan, Today’s Pro-Government Militias Could Be Tomorrow’s Insurgents

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War on the Rocks, 11 December 2017

This blog entry by Deedee Derksen analysing Afghan militias has some interesting findings on Jombesh commanders having joined the Taleban in five districts of Faryab. It also quotes from (and links to) two AAN dispatches by Obaid Ali about the character of self-proclaimed Daeash groups in neighbouring Jowzjan:

In neighboring Jowzjan, disgruntled Taliban commanders started a new front and called themselves the Islamic State Khorasan Province, not because of any ideological conversion but because of disputes between local Taliban factions over the taxation of the villagers and fights over who would be in charge. Afterward, some former Jombesh commanders switched to Islamic State after having first joined the Taliban. Others signed up directly. Elders from Darzab named ten Islamic State commanders with Jombesh backgrounds. Most command groups of a few dozen fighters. Islamic State, including those forces, reportedly now controls 90 percent of Darzab district. Taliban efforts to oust them from the district in October of this year failed.