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How many civilians does America kill in air strikes? The Pentagon does not really know

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The Economist, 4 April 2019

More American bombs and missiles fell on Afghanistan in 2018 than in any year since published records began a decade ago—more than five times as many as in 2015. Civilian deaths from air strikes correspondingly rose by 87% between 2017 and 2018 to 463, according to Action on Armed Violence (aoav), a monitoring group.

That includes bombs dropped by the Afghan air force, which has far less experience in using precision weapons. But the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (unama), whose estimates are similar to those of aoav, says that 62% of aerial casualties—deaths and injuries—were inflicted by the nato-led coalition, whose air power is largely American. nato accepts just 62 of those deaths, a small proportion of unama’s total, though it agrees that another 68 are disputed.