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How German Diplomats Opened Channel to Taliban

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Spiegel, 10 January 2012
The German magazine – in an article co-authored by Christoph Reuter who also has written for AAN – discloses further details on how Germany opened the channel to the Taleban’s Tayyeb Agha: that the original contact was provided by ‘an Afghan exile living in Europe’ to the German intelligence that took care of the logistics of at least three meetings (politically they were handled by the Foreign Office), that a first meeting took place in a Gulf country in spring 2010, followed by two in the Munich area in November 2010 and May 2011 (with US participation), that US guarantees for safe passage were provided and that the Taleb proved his reliability and access by providing prove about an US soldier who is alive in the hands of the Taleban.


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