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Do the maths: victory cannot be bought in Afghanistan

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The National (UAE), 1 July 2011
Some pretty interesting figures in this one: US military providing air conditioning for its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan comes out at $20 billion a year, more than the total budget of Nasa; by the time fuel reaches the US bases in Afghanistan, it costs $8 to $12 a litre, 10 times the pump price in America; the total costs of the ‘war on terror’ is likely to exceed the cost of fighting the Second World War, put by the congressional Budget Office at $4.1 trillion, in today’s money; the Commanders’ Emergency Response Program (CERP), in the hands of US PRT chiefs, is about $750 million a year, it is about the same as the total revenue of the Afghan state which it raises itself; at the same time, according to Afghan customs figures, more cash is taken out of the country each year than the government raises in revenue (this is only the legal transfers).


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