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As violence sweeps Kabul, the rapid pace of deportations from Europe continues

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The Conversation, 6 June 2017

A must-read: First-hand experience from onboard a number of flights with forced and not-so-voluntary Afghan ‘returnees’ from Turkey by Liza Schuster. Here some quotes from the text:

Thirty young men were deported to Kabul on June 6, on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul. (…) As I spoke to the young men while boarding, and asked why, in the light of the shocking recent events, the deportations were going ahead, the Turkish police threatened to arrest me. Meanwhile, the Scandinavian escorts pushed me away physically, telling me to leave. But I had a ticket for the same flight.

(…) My seat was at the back of the plane, where some of the young Afghans were seated between their escorts (others were just accompanied to the plane). Taking my seat, I asked the young men in Dari – a Persian language spoken in Afghanistan – whether they had anyone in Kabul. A handful said yes; the others shook their heads.

I asked the escorts, a group of around 15 men and one woman, since Kabul was considered safe, if they would be willing to join me for a drink or dinner on arrival. My invitation was met with silence. Shortly afterwards, the stewardesses came to tell me that they had found a nicer seat for me near the front of the plane. I refused politely and they insisted gently, explaining that it was all police at the back of the plane and they would be noisy. (…)