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Afghanistan: Spotlight on social impact (July–October 2023):

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ACAPS, 9 January 2024

This is the most recent of a series of reports released every four months

to shed light on issues emerging from information about the country that have or are likely to have a significant social impact. This report focuses on issues with a direct effect on Afghans’ daily lives and that may have profound yet overlooked consequences on the humanitarian response. Where possible, the report makes considerations for specific groups and locations with increased vulnerability to protection threats.

This edition of the spotlight on social impact (July–October 2023) focuses on three specific healthcare-related concerns in Afghanistan: the effects of malnutrition, inadequate capacity to treat cancer patients, and insufficient services for people with mental health disorders. Within the larger problem of shrinking humanitarian funding expected for 2024, these issues will have a growing impact on the future of individuals, households, and the country and should be highlighted.

ACAPS was established in 2009 as a nonprofit, nongovernmental project “with the aim of conducting independent … humanitarian analysis to help humanitarian workers, influencers, fundraisers, and donors make better-informed decisions and respond more effectively to disasters”. Its team consists of about 100 professionals located around the world and is reinforced by a pool of experienced consultants. It is headquartered in Switzerland.

It does cover a large number of countries, including Afghanistan.