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Afghanistan paid 11,000 militants to lay down their arms. Now the money has run out

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Washington Post, 17 May 2016

Money is drying up two months after the United States and other countries invested about $200 million in the Afghanistan Peace and Reintegration Program. Now this effort is effectively suspended “amid broader scrutiny here and in Washington of de-radicalization efforts as the Taliban leadership shuns peace talks. … The High Peace Council is still technically operational — the United States rushed in $5 million to pay administrators”.

“… just 11,077 militants have entered into the program, and officials of what is called the High Peace Council can’t be sure how many have remained loyal to the government. In a country awash in weapons, only 9,800 have been handed over.” The UNDP country director stated: “At the time, the international community had its reason to be guided by this assumption, but what was hoped for did not come about.”