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Afghanistan: Learning from a decade of progress and loss

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World Bank, 17 October 2018

A blog by WB Afghanistan country director with some bleak truths about the socio-economic breakdown after ‘transition’:

“Since 2014, growth has stagnated, falling below rates of population growth, and the security situation continues to deteriorate. (…)

Welfare deteriorated between 2007 and 2011 as growth was not pro-poor. During the post-transition phase, Afghanistan experienced a sharp increase in poverty, from 38 percent in 2011 to 55 percent in 2016; almost 16 million Afghans are poor in 2016, an increase of 5 million compared to 2011. (…) During the high growth years, only the richest 20 percent of the population experienced improvements in welfare, as did Afghans living in urban areas and in some regions. (…) Since the security transition, everyone lost, from the poorest to the most well-off. (…)

Similarly, the post-transition period hit urban areas particularly hard with increases in poverty at a rate of 10 percent compared to increases in poverty in rural areas of 8 percent.