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Afghanistan jet fuel deals generate thick fog of mystery

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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1 November 2010
This article originally from th Washington Post (but with a better headline here) describes how a 58-year-old Californian bar-and-burger owner turned his business, along with a young Kyrgyz partner, into a multinational jet fuel business that has received Pentagon contracts worth nearly $3 billion. Their companies, Mina Corp. and Red Star Enterprises, both registered in Gibraltar, provides jet fuel for a fleet of C-135 aero-tankers based in Kyghysstan that perform more than a third of all in-flight refueling operations over Afghanistan; they also built vast underground storage tanks at Bagram airbase. This is described as ‘perhaps the Afghan conflict’s version of Air America, a nominally private airline run covertly by the Central Intelligence Agency during the Vietnam War’.


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