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Afghanistan: ghost war, ghost peace

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Daily Times (Pakistan), 13 August 2015

A very concise analysis and commentary by the daily’s columnist Dr Mohammad Taqi:

The Pakistani leadership’s mantra that it is desirous of an “Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process” comes across as an abject farce when Taliban leaders live and die — both politically and physically — on its soil. (…) The problem is that the one-trick jihadist pony that Pakistan backs [in Afghanistan] is simply not capable of changing into a political outfit, which could compete even in a primordial, collective decision-making process like a tribal jirga let alone in an electoral democracy. The Kabul bombings indicate that the new Taliban leadership is trying to remain relevant and assert itself against its jihadist rivals as well as the Afghan people and the government through the only means they know: violent terrorism. (…) Pakistan’s diplomatic position is likely to become untenable even with China if the former cannot or does not restrain the Taliban.

The US’s functionaries, especially its Department of State, cannot play dumb endlessly. (…) Major questions have arisen about the US knowing about but playing down Mullah Omar’s presence and then death in Pakistan. (…) The State Department can choose to eat out of the palm of Pakistan’s hand but it certainly cannot tell Afghans to do that. The Murree peace process that the US diplomats sat through was a dud; the ghost of Mullah Omar could make war but certainly cannot make peace.