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Afghan Talks at Impasse Before Vote, Officials Say

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New York Times, 17 November 2013

"Despite recent optimism about talks over a future American military presence here, two senior Afghan officials said on Sunday that the negotiations [about the US-Afghan BSA] were at a profound impasse", days before the BSA loya jirga is scheduled to meet. "The officials said both sides had refused to budge on American negotiators’ insistence that United States troops retain the right, at least in some form, to enter Afghan home" – that's part of the capture-or-kill operations. The Times further reports that the US/ISAF commander General Dunford proposed to modify the wording of the agreement to say that troops would only enter homes “on extraordinary occasions” but tha President Karzai has categorically rejected this. The US side has said that "public ultimatums" were not helpful.



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