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Afghan Singers Fall Silent

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IWPR, 24 March 2014

Most weddings are held without music again in many parts of Nangrahar province, reports Kabul-based IWPR, due to influence of the Taleban. Musicians struggle to survive and their profession is in danger again: as one musician relates: "Three years ago, we would go out to weddings in the districts. There were many performances – no weddings without music,” he recalled. “Nowadays, people living some way away from the city centre can’t have music at their weddings because of fears of the Taleban, while out in the districts it’s completely out of the question. Our work has come to an absolute halt.” 

"Our people … hav TVs, satellite dishesand tape recorders at home. They have music in their mobile phones, yet they do not like singers or artists and disrespect them", says the head of Jalalabad's Singers Union.


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