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Afghan government falters in Kandahar

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Washington Post, 3 November 2010
Joshua Partlow and Karen DeYoung report another governance desaster (after Marja): ‘Despite months of American prodding, the Afghan government has failed to fill dozens of key positions in Kandahar, leaving an ineffectual local administration that U.S. officials fear will cripple the battlefield progress the military says it is making in the Taliban stronghold.’ For example, only about 40 Afghans work for the ‘anaemic’ Kandahar city government, out of 120 job slots while ‘in the four key rural districts surrounding the city – Zhari, Panjwayi, Argandab and Dand – there are 44 critical jobs [… but] just 12 of them now show up to work’. Meanwhile, USAID spends ‘hundreds of millions of dollars’ in Kandahar.


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