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پیشرفت در گفت و گوهای صلح میان حکمتیار و دولت افغانستان [Progress in peace talks between Hezb-e Islami and Afghan government]

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BBC (Persian service), 5 April 2016

Interview (in Dari) with Amin Karim, leader of a Hezb-e Islami negotiations delegation in Kabul, that is about to start a third round of talks with the Afghan government (apparently through the High Peace Council). He says that his party has opted for talks “after 95 per cent of the foreign forces were forced to leave the country,” that Hezb is not looking for a power-sharing but talks “because of its Islamic values” and looks for a “honorable withdrawal” of the rest of them. The party has dropped its precondition that all foreign forces must leave before talks. He claims that Hekmatyar is “in Afghanistan, among the people.”

An English-language story by AP on the same issue here.