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د طالبانو ضد حوزه کې ناهمغږي [Inconsistency in the anti-Taliban camp]

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Hasht-e Sobh, 10 Saur 1403 (29 April 2024)

The author of this article in the Pashto version of the exile online newspaper 8am looks at the reasons of the disunity in the ranks of the military and political anti-Taleban opposition and come to the following conclusion:

The political and military movements against the Taliban, which should have integrated themselves in the past three years [to become] a reliable alternative to the Taliban, have not taken a single step in this regard. Sometimes one or another movement invites others to “unify”, but they neither follow up on it nor do they value each others. The reason is that others think that those calling for unity are trying to bring them under their banner.


Despite the fact that the anti-Taleban military fronts have continued their attacks on the fighters of this group, they have not yet been able to create any major challenge against the Taliban regime. (…) Considering the activities that the National Resistance Front and Azadi Front have done so far, it does not seem that they will create a concern and challenge for the Taleban in the short term.


The anti-Taleban political parties and coalitions are in the same situation as the military fronts. (…) They (especially their leaders) have mostly lost the trust of the people due to their political past (…). They have not been able to establish relations with the international community, nor have they restored their damaged status among Afghans.