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Andrew Wilder

Footnotes to an AAN political parties blog

Andrew Wilder

On 13 September 2010, we published a piece about the role of political parties in the current Afghan election process and also touched upon the issue of the election system, the Single Non-Transferable Vote or SNTV. We called the latter ‘a party-less party-hostile system’. Our frequent author Aunohita Mojumdar disagrees – and finds the Afghan […]

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Money can’t buy America love

Andrew Wilder

Foreign Policy, 1 December 2009 AAN member Andrew Wilder presents the initial findings of a Tufts research on the linkages between aid and security. The full article is available below: Money can’t buy America love

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AAN Guest Blog: A ‘weapons system’ based on wishful thinking

Andrew Wilder

Recently, indications are appearing that a new round of massive money dropping is about to start in Afghanistan order marginalise the Taleban. By ANDREW WILDER* The theoretical basis of this approach seems to be twofold. First, there is the old and often-disproved formula that ‘development’ kind of automatically translates into ‘security’ and wins a lot of […]

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