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AAN’s Jelena Bjelica discusses the issue of Afghanistan’s Landless Refugees – July 2016

Jelena Bjelica < 1 min

More than 5.8 million Afghans, about 20 per cent of Afghanistan’s population, are refugees who have returned home since the fall of the Taleban according to UNHCR figures. Many found their houses destroyed or occupied, or discovered that a new set of laws had scrapped their tenancy rights. The government plan for distributing land to them, and to IDPs, is now a decade old, but has been one of the most corrupt and ineffective government schemes. AAN’s Jelena Bjelica discusses how difficult it has been for these most vulnerable of Afghans and asks whether anything might now change.

In early August 2016 the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) registered a record high of 8,500 returnees in 72 hours. Photo: Pajhwok, August 2016.


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Refugee Returnees