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Who Opposes the Taliban? Old Politics, Resistance and the Looming Risk of Civil War

Fabrizio Foschini < 1 min

ISPI, 11 August 2022

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This article by AAN’s Fabrizio Foschini is a contribution to a dossier published by the Milan-based Italian Institute for International Political Studies and edited by Giuliano Battiston and Nicola Missaglia, titled “Afghanistan, One Year Later.” He looks at three groups in particular, the political that “lack[s] the means to effectively influence Afghan politics”; political leaders who instead opted to stay in Afghanistan but whose movements the Taleban have restricted and those who chose the path of armed resistance. He concluds: The possibility of a widespread armed struggle, which would essentially escalate into a new civil war, still lingers on Afghanistan. Critically, it largely depends on the lack of better options for the internal players and the readiness of external patrons to finance it.”


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Fabrizio Foschini

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