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Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future

Thomas Ruttig < 1 min

Thomas Ruttig, New America Foundation, 23 May 2011

This paper ‘Negotiations with the Taliban: History and Prospects for the Future’ authored for and published now by The New America Foundation provides a view – from a perspective before OBL’s death and reports that a direct US-Taleban link has been established with German assistance – at the context and and the language of the current debate on ‘reconciliation’/talks with the Taleban. It weighs the various reported contacts between insurgents and the Afghan government; it describes the motivations of the main actors, discusses the aspects of a negotiated settlement in Afghanistan–principles, obstacles, and possible steps and mechanisms–and explores the likelihood of such a process.

The full paper can be read here via this link (app needed).

The paper is also published as a chapter in:

Peter Bergen/Katherine Tiedemann (eds), Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror. Politics, and Religion, Oxford University Press, 2013.