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September 2009: New Book Out: Decoding the New Taliban

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Edited by London School of Economics’ Antonio Giustozzi, the new book ‘Decoding the New Taliban’ combines a number of analyses of how the post-2001 Taliban made their way forward in various regions and provinces of Afghanistan. Additionally, cross-cutting issues – the Taliban’s link with the opium trade and their propaganda campaign – and the Pakistani Taliban movement are addressed. All of these contributions draw on experience gathered during years of work in Afghanistan of all authors involved. The authors include AAN members and friends Martine van Bijlert, Thomas Ruttig, Joanna Nathan and Antonio himself, guest blogger Christoph Reuter as well as three Afghan authors, Tariq Osman Elias, Burhan Younus and Abdul Awwal Zabulwal.

Antonio Giustozzi (ed.), Decoding the New Taliban: Insights from the Afghan Field, Hurst & Company, London 2009, 318 pp., ISBN 978-1-85065-961-7, euro 30.99 (on amazon).

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Here the list of content:

Gretchen S. Peters: The Taliban and the Opium Trade * Joanna Nathan: Reading the Taliban * Mohammad Osman Tariq Elias: The Resurgence of the Taliban in Kabul, Logar and Wardak * Thomas Ruttig: Loya Paktia’s Insurgency (1): The Haqqani Network as an Autonomous Entity * Sébastien Trives: Loya Paktia’s Insurgency (2): Roots of the Insurgency in the Southeast * Christoph Reuter and Borhan Younus: The Return of the Taliban in Andar District, Ghazni * Tom Coghlan: The Taliban in Helmand: An Oral History * Martine van Bijlert: Unruly Commanders and Violent Power Struggles: Taliban Networks in Uruzgan * Abdul Awwal Zabulwal: Taliban in Zabul: A Witness’ Account * Graeme Smith: What Kandahar’s Taliban Say * Antonio Giustozzi: The Taliban’s Marches: Herat, Farah, Badghis and Ghor * David Kilcullen: Taliban and Counter-Insurgency in Kunar * Sippi Azerbaijani Moghaddam: Northern Exposure for the Taliban * Claudio Franco: The Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan


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