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3 December: New publication ‘Afghanistan, 1979-2009′

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The Middle East Institute (MEI) of the American University in Washington DC launched another of its special editions of its publication ‘Viewpoints’, titled ‘Afghanistan, 1979-2009; In the Grip of Conflict’. This volume is a compilation of short analytical essays intended to be accessible to specialists and non-specialists alike.

The essays are authored by 53 Afghan and international scholars and practitioners from diverse fields and encompass a wide range of topics related to Afghanistan’s politics, economy, and society, as well as its regional and international relations. Many of the authors draw on specific field research and personal experience in the country.

From AAN’s side, Martine van Bijlert, Joanna Nathan, Andrew Wilder, Anders Fange and Thomas Ruttig are amongst the contributors.

The compilation will be widely disseminated to a broad, diverse predominantly English-language audience – especially but not exclusively college instructors and students as well as the media. This volume can be accessed in three electronic formats free of charge: (1) MEI Web site posting, (2) e-mailed pdf document, and (3) mass produced CDs made available at MEI conferences/events.

It is the sixth in a series dealing with the long-term reverberations of the momentous events of 1979. Volumes 1-5 of the “1979-2009” series can be found at the following links:

• Volume #1: “The Iranian Revolution at 30”

• Volume #2: “The Legacy of Camp David: 1979-2009”

• Volume #3: “The Islamization of Pakistan, 1979-2009”

• Volume #4: “The 1979 ‘Oil Shock:’ Legacy, Lessons, and Lasting Reverberations”

• Volume #5: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 1979-2009: Evolution of a Pivotal State”

The Afghanistan volume can be found here.


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