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23 Oct.: SWP Comment by Thomas Ruttig on the Afghan elections crisis published.

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Afghanistans Wahlkrise: Die gefälschte Präsidentschaftswahl und Strategien für »danach« (Afghanistan’s Election Crisis: The fraudulent presidential elections and strategies for ‚thereafter‘), Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (Berlin), SWP-Aktuell 2009/A 56, October 2009, 8 pp.

In this SWP comment (in German), AAN’s Thomas Ruttig analyses the ‘legitimacy crisis’ that erupted after the manipulated 20 August presidential election, assesses that it contributes to minimise the chances that Gen. McChrystal’s population-oriented counter-insurgency approach can be implemented and lays out steps to broaden the Afghan political process again in order to regain a broad national political consensus. He questions whether the run-off scheduled for 7 November suffices to regain the lost moral capital and says that chances for renewed manipulation are high. He argues that the international community needs to develop a primarily political-diplomatic approach in Afghanistan (including talks with insurgents) which goes beyond rectifying defects of the first round.
Read the paper in German here.


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