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17 February, Kabul: AREU Lecture about the Shia Personal Status Law

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AREU invites for a special lecture that will look deeper into the process around the controversial law that met strong protest both inside and outside of Afghanistan.

AREU invites for a special lecture by Lauryn Oates, titled ‘A Closer Look: The Policy and Law-Making Process Behind the Shiite Personal Status Law’. The event takes place on Wednesday 17 February at 4: 30 pm at the AREU Library in Kabul.

There is limited space at the premises, so please confirm your participation by calling AREU’s Sheela on 0777 175 157 or by sending an email to: [email protected]


In March 2009, news of the Shia Personal Status Law reached international leaders gathered in London for the G20 conference, including many donor nations to Afghanistan. A handful of the law’s 249 articles included restrictions on the rights of Afghan Shia women, and the issue exploded in the international press, drawing heated responses from a variety of stakeholders.

The AREU study has sought to examine the process behind the making of the law, including its inception, preparation and parliamentary passage. The episode provides insight into the nature of lawmaking in post-Bonn Afghanistan. It highlights some of the perspectives and debates surrounding the roles and responsibilities of Parliamentarians, Afghan and international civil society, media and diplomatic community in representing and upholding the rights and interests of the Afghan people. Such insights remains highly relevant to current discussions about political development in Afghanistan.

Lecturer Lauryn Oates has worked on human rights, gender and education issues in Afghanistan since 1996, and currently manages a teacher training program in Kabul Province for Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, as well as working as a freelance consultant. She helped found the Dara Village Library in rural Afghanistan, sits on the board of the Canada Afghanistan Solidarity Committee, and regularly writes in the Canadian and international media on women’s human rights issues. Lauryn is also completing a doctorate in language and literacy education at the University of British Colombia.


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