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13 April 2012: New article by Thomas Ruttig in ‘Orient’

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‘The Road through Qatar: Chances for a political solution with the Taleban’ is the latest article by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig in ‘Orient’, issue II/2012, a Berlin-based journal founded in 1960 and currently edited by Deutsches Orient-Institut in the German capital. It is part of a special issue on Afghanistan.

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig looks at the ‘long and winding road towards negotiations with the Taleban’, the US-Karzai controversy about who should have the lead in such contacts and the main hurdles that stand in the way of meaningful talks, in the light of the increasing disengagement of the West from Afghanistan as a result of its enteqal/transition strategy.

The issue, which only will be online much later, also contains contributions by AAN authors like Lutz Rzehak (on language politics in Afghanistan) and Florian Broschk (on the insurgency in the North) as well as by Ahmed Rashid (on Pak-Af-US relations), Michael Semple (on factors for the Taleban revival), Conrad Schetter (on the US COIN strategy), Hermann Kreutzmann (on human security, vulnerabilty and development), Amin Azimi (on the Taleban media strategy) and St John Simpson (on Afghan cultural heritage).

Issues can be ordered as follows: by phone (find the numbers here) or email: [email protected].


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