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Text of Speech Enunciated by Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan at a Research Conference in France

This was used as an annexe to the AAN report “Qatar, Islamabad, Chantilly, Ashgabad: Taleban Talks Season Again?” Monday, 10 Safar 1434 Monday, 24 December 2012 08:16 The full text of speech enunciated by two representatives from Political Office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlawi Shahbuddin Dilawar and Doctor Muhammad Naeem, at research conference in […]

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AAN’s first e-book: ‘Snapshots of an Intervention’

The Unlearned Lessons of Afghanistan’s Decade of Assistance (2001–11) The idea for this volume was born in the summer of 2010 during a discussion of the cyclical nature of many of Afghanistan’s programmes. Years of following the international efforts had left us with an increasingly strong sense of déjà vu: another conference to demonstrate momentum, […]

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Taleban edict on the ban of internet (2001)

Published by Radio Shariat (transcript) Saturday, 25 Aug 2001 8:00 pm An edict of the IEA has been issued concerning the prohibition of using Internet on the territory of the IEA by the IEA administration, non-Emirate institutions, foreign and local NGOs. 1st article:         All IEA administration, non-Emirate institutions, foreign and local NGOs and individual people cannot use Internet […]

Taleban and related documents

Commitment letter for foreign nationals living on IEA territory

This was a draft document sent to international organisations by the Taleban government in June 2001; it was never implemented. Source: AAN archive. Exact copy of the English original (retyped because of poor quality of original fax copy): The commitments of Foreign NationalsWhile Living into the territory of the IEACommitment letter NameFather’s Name:Last Name:Passport no:Nationality: […]

Taleban and related documents

The Geneva Accords on Afghanistan

14 April 1988 Read the documents (here) that were concluded as component parts of the political settlement on Afghanistan, ending the Soviet military occupation: A Bilateral Agreement between the Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the Principles of Mutual Relations, in particular on Non-interference and Non-intervention; A Declaration on International Guarantee! […]

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