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Dossiers – formerly known as thematic dossiers – bring together AAN’s reporting on a particular subject, ranging from detention and political parties to Afghan football and birds.

Thematic Dossier II: Football in Afghanistan

Fabrizio Foschini

Tonight (11 September 2013) Afghanistan is playing in the South Asian Football Cup Final, facing India in a match starting at 17.00 Kabul time. Soccer is quickly becoming a favorite in Afghanistan, both as a sport played by the youth and as a passion for the public watching it on television at home. After an […]

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Thematic Dossier I: Looking back at transition

AAN Team

The fifth and last phase of the security handover to Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), the so called transition, has been announced mid June. This prompts us to look back at the work done on this topic by AAN, starting in 2010. We find that looking at it as a whole allows a unique vantage […]

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