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Women’s lives under the Islamic Emirate

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In a report for Scotland’s Daily Herald newspaper on 3 September 2023, Foreign Editor David Pratt, quotes AAN research on women’s lives:

Education, employment and travel curtailed, barred from parks, gyms, and other public spaces, torture for those that disobey, the oppression of women in Afghanistan grows daily and amounts to “gender apartheid.”

Their observations are both searing and disturbing. “Day by day, the walls close in”. “Suffocated”. “Without hope”. These are just some of the descriptions by Afghan women of the relentless announcement of restrictions imposed on their lives and rights since the Taliban returned to power in August 2021.

The quotes come from interviews with women across at least 11 of Afghanistan’s provinces conducted by the Afghanistan Analysts Network (ANN), an independent non-profit policy research organisation that describes itself as ‘impartial but not indifferent.’

For many years now the ANN has carried out detailed and invaluable reports that ensure Afghanistan stays on the international agenda. Never has their work been more important than it is right now in a country where the suppression of women’s rights under Taliban rule is now the harshest in the world even though much of the global community looks the other way.