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Why China is alarmed about IS presence in Afghanistan

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Deutsche Welle, 8 July 2015

Full interview with AAN’s Borhan Osman on the English programme of Germany’s official overseas radio station. He says, for example:

“Afghanistan’s northern neighbors and China worry too much about a possible IS threat that makes them translate the security deterioration into an imminent IS threat. (…) China is possibly more worried about (…) Uighur Muslims radicalizing and joining jihad-based separatism, than the IS threat to Afghanistan per se.”


On IS: “There are no indications of massive IS-Taliban clashes in Afghanistan. The largest clashes which have taken place in recent weeks in Nangarhar, in eastern Afghanistan, have failed to mount a serious threat to the Taliban’s control in these areas. IS has lost battles and terrain in most of the districts it initially contested. So, the prospect for IS to challenge the Taliban’s hold remains weak. (…) In Nangarhar, IS fighters have published propaganda pictures of their interaction with local residents. Rather than showing a supportive population, the pictures show a terrified people.

on Hezb-e Islami and IS: “There have been reports of militants in eastern Afghanistan with Hezb-e Islami background claiming to be IS fighters. [The existing] fighters do not seem to have joined IS on Hekmatyar’s orders.”