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What’s behind the Taliban onslaught in Afghanistan?

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Los Angeles Times, 23 December 2015

AAN’s Thomas Ruttig is quoted here as saying, on the Taleban offensive in Helmand, “ghost soldiers” and the likelihood (or lack of) of peace talks, that:

“The Taliban strategy seems to be trying to wear the Afghan government forces out, with the assessment that there’s only a limited number of units with good fighting capability,” said Thomas Ruttig, cofounder of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, a Kabul-based research group. (…)

The security forces remain plagued by poor logistics and unknown numbers of “ghost soldiers” – troops who exist only on paper so military officers can collect their salaries, Ruttig said. (…)

“When the Taliban sees they’re making military progress, they’re not inclined to go and negotiate,” Ruttig said. “That means more fighting and more harm to the civilian population.”