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‘What will she grow up to be?’ Afghan backlash grows over Taliban’s ban on higher education for women

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Arab News, 28 December 2022

This article quotes from AAN research on the Taleban’s double standards on girls’ education:

The rules do not seem to apply to the Taliban elite, however. According to the Afghanistan Analysts Network (AAN), an independent, non-profit policy research group based in Kabul, senior Taliban officials have their daughters enrolled at schools in Qatar and Pakistan. 

The two daughters of Suhail Shaheen, the Taliban government’s spokesman, are reportedly attending school in Doha, while the regime’s health minister, Qalandar Ibad, reportedly has a daughter who graduated from medical school.  

One Qatar-based Taliban official told AAN that “since everyone in the neighborhood was going to school, our children demanded that they go to school too. I enrolled my three sons and two daughters.”