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We Still Don’t Know Who Won Afghanistan’s Presidential Election

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The Diplomat, 13 November 2019

This article quotes from AAN research on turnout figures from Afghanistan’s 28 September presidential election:

Ali Yawar Adili and Jelena Bjelica wrote for the Afghanistan Analysts Network last week about the devilishly confusing and tumultuous array of turnout numbers that have been issued from various voices since the September 28 election.

From Adili and Bjelica:

Since election day on 28 September, the IEC has been struggling to determine turnout and has provided many conflicting figures without explanation. The highest turnout figure announced by the IEC was 2,695,890 votes. Compared to the latest, the 2 November figure of 1,843,107 votes, this could mean that as many as 852,783 votes have been invalidated… The IEC seems to be divided over whether to approve the latest Dermalog-vetted figure of 1,843,107 ‘whitelisted’ votes as the final BVVed [biometrically-verified-voter] votes.