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Was Double Government in Afghanistan a Folly?

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The Diplomat, 19 June 2015

Catherine Putz, Special Projects Editor at The Diplomat, a international current-affairs magazine for the Asia-Pacific region, reviews Noah Arjomand’s AAN report about ‘double government‘ by foreign interveners during the First Anglo-Afghan War and nowadays:

So what can be learned? Arjomand is careful not to dismiss the reformist goals of such double governments, but he aims instead to simply point out that double government “does not create a state capable of effectively pursuing those goals.” In the end, comments which AAN highlights from an Indian who worked as a political assistant to the British during the First Anglo-Afghan war describe the contradiction, the frustrating clash, between good intentions and reality:

Inwardly or secretly we interfered in all transactions, contrary to the terms of our own engagement with the Shah; and outwardly we wore the mask of neutrality. In this manner we gave annoyance to the king upon the one hand, and disappointment to the people upon the other.