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Wahlergebnis ohne Zahlen: Afghanistan merkwürdige Präsidentenwahl

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Tageszeitung, 22 September 2014

Op-ed commentary by AAN’s Thomas Ruttig on “Afghanistan’s remarkable presidential election”. “Afghanistan’s politicians haven proven that they have fantasy: Probably for the first time in the history of elections, they have come to a result but not one they base on concrete percentage figures. … Despite, or because of, obvious manipulations, no one wants and is supposed to lose his face again. … The construct of the national unity government … undermines further Afghanistan’s weak, democratic mechanisms and institutions which actually need strengthening. Nevertheless, the deal is partly a success as it prevents an outbreak of violence, which had repeatedly been threatened by the losing side over the past weeks. But it does not solve any of the other problems of the country: from systemic corruption and the war with the Taleban to the economic downturn, exacerbated by the West’s dissengagement.”